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"Atelier Shallie Plus" aims to tell gamers a new story. This story is about the journey to discover the truth behind the Dusk, told throughout the "Dusk" series. Here gamers will experience a fitting conclusion to the series.
Respective Stories About the "Dusk"
Ayesha speaks of the being that kidnapped her younger sister in the past. This being is what ultimately gave Ayesha her motive to learn alchemy. What stories will she tell about it?
Escha speaks of the administrator she met in Colseit, Flameu. You will learn how this meeting with Flameu influenced Escha and Logy going forward.
An Entrusted Key, "Flameu's Seed"
Flameu entrusted Escha and Logy with a seed, filled with alchemic arts. Escha fully believes in Flameu's desire to "revive the land."
However, Keithgriff is aware of the tragedies that were brought about by the immense power of alchemy in the past. He advises caution concerning Flameu's seed.
There are many new episodes featuring Ayesha added in "Atelier Shallie Plus"
Ten years have passed since the conclusion of the story in "Atelier Ayesha Plus." Ayesha has pursued the truth behind the "Dusk" for this entire time, and now she meets the two Shallies!
Ayesha's kind words, as well as her experience to back them up, helps to show Shallie the way.
Ayesha is Wilbell's best friend. Learning that she's Shallotte's master, and having a master herself, Ayesha lends a hand concerning their relationship.
Ayesha's words are very reassuring. She isn't being overly optimistic; rather, it's based on her experience instead.
Q: Ayesha, why did you decide to go on a journey?
A: It was to find my little sister, who went missing. I was very focused on finding her, and before I knew it, I ended up visiting many places.
Q: Does that mean you're currently still looking for her?
A: No, I managed to find my sister. I'm continuing my journey to learn if my actions to find her were correct, though.
Q: How did you learn alchemy?
A: I was self-taught at first, but now I have a very kind master. I'm sure you'll meet him soon, hehe.
Shallie investigates the drought, a symptom of the "Dusk" occurring in their world, alongside Ayesha. Ayesha's involvement in "Atelier Shallie Plus" will cause new changes to the events that unfold.
Ayesha's Dusk Sea Investigation
Due to the drought, the Dusk Sea lost its water and became a desert. Ayesha believes the cause of the drought is related to this sea, and begins an investigation with Shallie.
Ayesha discovers that there's an underground waterway through the Dusk Sea, connecting the Stellard region with the Eastern Continent. Wilbell, possessing knowledge of spirits, comes to a certain realization.
The Lord of Water, Deeply Connected to the Drought
Wilbell realizes that there's a water spirit lord living in the Eastern Continent, one that is connected to the waterway in the Dusk Sea. It could be possible to solve the drought with her power.
Having directly confronted her, Shallie speaks of the Lord of Water's memories. The Lord of Water had been using her power to provide water to the land. However, her power was being drained by the deeds of humans, and so she abandoned humanity. With the drought continuing unchecked, is there another way to stop it...?
The power of the Lord of Water is essential to bringing water back to the land. However, the Lord of Water's despair is deeply rooted, and it's unknown how long it'll take to regain her trust. Meanwhile, the drought progresses. A new hope appears in this dire situation: the existence of "Flameu's Seed" brought from Colseit by Logy.
The Manifestation of Alchemy, "Flameu's Seed"
Ayesha and her master, Keithgriff, analyze the seed, and discover it's filled with alchemic technology. However, there are still doubts concerning the effects it'll have on the land.
The girl who entrusted Escha and Logy with the seed, Flameu, wished to "revive the land." But what exactly does that mean...?
If Flameu's seed can revive the land, it could halt the progress of the drought! And if they regain the Lord of Water's trust, her power could bring water back to the land. The seed's existence provides hope to Shallie and the others, as a way for them to oppose the "Dusk."
Shallie is filled with hope thanks to "Flameu's seed," but Keithgriff warns that alchemy once brought ruin to the world. Alchemy is a danger deeply rooted to the Dusk, and is the cause of the drought.
The power of alchemy can be immense, and it could end up doing immeasurable damage to the world itself.
Alchemy is also related to the draining of the Lord of Water's power.
Flameu's seed is a product of alchemy, and cannot be fully understood. Considering the potential danger of alchemy, the seed could bring about another calamity like the Dusk. However, it could also provide hope to revive the land, as Flameu desired. To use Flameu's seed, or to find a different path... What will Shallie decide!?
Q: Keith! Please teach me about the "Dusk!"
A: I refuse. I have no words for those who don't seek the truth through their own means.
Q: Are there symptoms of the "Dusk," like droughts, in other regions too?
A: ...Fine. Events leading this world to ruin exist in all regions. For example, in the past when alchemic culture flourished, its power was used to mine the earth for minerals, creating massive chasms that can now only be crossed by airships.
Q: No way! That's really selfish of humans, isn't it!?
A: Indeed. You could call it one of the evils of alchemy. Now then, knowing this, what will you decide?
New episodes have been added, now that Logy has joined the show! Six years have passed since the story of "Atelier Escha & Logy Plus." A grown-up Logy now meets the two novice alchemists, Shallie!
Many capable alchemists gather in one place, including Logy. Shallie feels down because of her own lack of ability, but is encouraged by her senior alchemist.
Having experience from designing airships in the past, Logy helps fix Shallotte's broken flying board.
Logy's skilled at alchemy, office work, and even mechanical work. Shallotte expresses her awe.
Q: Today's guest is Logy! Logy, what were you doing before coming to Stellard?
A: I worked as a government official in a city called Colseit. Escha and Solle were my coworkers back then.
Q: Please tell me about your time in Colseit!
A: I was an official in Colseit's "development team," and worked on various assignments for the city. We also went and investigated the floating ruins called the "Unexplored Ruins."
Q: By the way, how do you feel about Escha!?
A: I'm not sure how to answer that...
Logy brought an important key to solving the mystery of the "Dusk" from Colseit: the "seed" they received from Flameu in the past. This seed, filled with the girl's desire to "make the land green again," will serve as a key to oppose the Dusk.
Flameu had left a message, saying the seed would "likely be necessary in the place Escha went."
This seed isn't even listed in plant encyclopedias. What could it actually be...
Escha believes in Flameu's wish. Will this seed really make the land green once again?
Q: Continuing from before, I'd like to ask you a few more things. Logy, what kind of person was Flameu?
A: She's a young girl we met in the depths of the "Unexplored Ruins." At first, she refused to even talk to us, and she was a complete mystery.
Q: What exactly is this "seed" you received from Flameu?
A: I don't know. In the distant past, Flameu used technology to try and revive her dying land. If that is the case, this probably isn't an ordinary seed.
Q: Is there any way to find out?
A: It would be difficult for us alone. If only there was someone who knew more about ancient relics...
The Development Team Combo Returns! However...
Six years have passed since they met in Colseit, but Escha and Logy's relationship hasn't changed much. You'd expect their reunion in this new land to bring progress to their relationship, but...
Escha can't help but smile. She's happy to work together again!
The Shallies are very curious about the duo's nervous relationship. They prod more and more, despite Escha's flustered responses!
They're in the same city again, but Logy keeps visiting another alchemist's atelier. Escha is uneasy beyond belief. She thinks of ways to draw away Logy's interest, but will it work?
In "Atelier Shallie Plus," a story will be told to reveal the truth behind the Dusk, throughout the entire series. As they approach the heart of the matter, the Shallies may falter at times, as they face the truth.
A Visitor Provides an Opportunity
A certain visitor pays Shallistera a visit. She's an alchemist, and an herbalist, seeking the truth behind the mystery of the "Dusk."
Faced with the Truth
New meetings bring new progress to the story, and the Shallies see part of the truth behind the Dusk. However, faced with the Dusk itself, they hesitate to decide on the path to take.
A certain alchemist watches over the Shallies. He had braved ruins related to the Dusk in the past, and their meeting with him will give the Shallies new hope.
Ayesha's New Episode! A Reunion with Her Best Friend, Wilbell
It's been a long time since Ayesha's adventures with her best friend, Wilbell. Despite this, Wilbell has hardly changed, much to Ayesha's relief. Here you will see a new episode featuring Ayesha and Wilbell.
Escha and Logy Meet Again in Stellard! Curious New Episodes for the Pair!
Logy is given orders to rush to Stellard, not even given time to send a letter. How will Escha react to her reunion with Logy...? The highly popular episodes from the PlayStation®Vita game "Atelier Escha & Logy Plus" will continue here! Will their relationship make progress!?
Even More Events for the Shallies! Plenty to Enjoy for Old Players!
New episodes have been added on top of the PlayStation®3 game "Atelier Shallie" events! This includes Shallistera, Shallotte, and their argument event. Their first disagreement, and their separation, leads to them recognizing their true feelings. Expect new developments in their growth!